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How To Setup WWF No Mercy and modify it
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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:45 pm    Post subject: How To Setup WWF No Mercy and modify it  

New and easy way.
Download this file provided by Tarun Tikko, it is PJ64 already set up ready to go, just needs you to create a hires folder.

- download and unzip.
- open the plug-ins folder.
- add/create two new folders, one called "hires_texture" the other "texture_dump"

you are set.


Old way
Step 1 - download Project 64 version 1.6 from HERE

Step 2 - download Rice 6.1.1 beta Download

Step 3 - Extract the PJ64 to wherever you wanna put it on your H.D

Step 4 - Unzip the Rice Folder and put the dll file in the main root of the Project 64 folder and put the other 3 rice files into the plugin folder.

If you do not put these folders into the right place then the game will not load the new textures.

Step 5 - Create two new folders in the plugin folder named
"hires_texture" and "textures_dump" (case sensitive, copy and paste if you want)

Step 6 - Start up the PJ64 program.

Step 7 - Click options and go to to settings. Select your video graphics plugin as "Rices Video Plugin 6.1.1 beta" (NOT DEBUG, the other one) click OK.

If the thing crashes on you or gives an error message, go back to step 4 and do it right this time.

Step 8 - Go back to options and click "configure graphics plugin" this time. Uncheck "hide advanced options if it is ticked" > Click the "Texture Filters" tab and tick/check "Load Hi-res Textures if available"

Done - Project 64 is now set up to use WWF No Mercy and start using high res graphics.

You can then locate the wwf no mercy rom and start playing.
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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:58 pm    Post subject:  

How to load the new textures/wrestlers/arenas ect.

First download a mod. you can find them on the links section or try one of my mods.

Extract it's contents into the "hires_textures" folder.
that alone will not do it, it is not a matter of just dropping these mods into that folder and they will magically appear in the game.

In your mod's folder (thats, if it had one, if it didnt, i suggest you make a folder for it, or it can just create a mess of scattered files) you should find either a file called "WWF No Mercy.mpk" or a text file or something with a formula on it.


Open the formula: Go to smackdown mall in the game, and go to create a wrestler, follow the intructions on the formula to the exact.
If it is face 91, you must put in face 91, if it says it is light orange, it must be light orange. So follow that formula to the exact.

Sometimes people can fuck up there own formulas, switch colors around and sometimes you can find them. If nothing is happening, it's either the wrong formula, or the textures havent been loaded to the game.

Memory Pak
If your mod's folder/zip/file whatever contained a file called "WWF No Mercy.mpk" then you need to cut and paste that file into the PJ64 "Save" folder.

Backup your original WWF No Mercy.mpk file if you have used it and put some of your caw's onto it. If you have never used it and nothing is on it, fuck it, just replace it with this one.

Now, to access whats on this data file, go to smackdownmall, and go to the option called "Data". and simply copy the data file on the right side to a slot on the left side.

Choose an empty slot, as replacing these slots will replace whoever you are placing this over if there is a caw already on it.

If you run out of slot space, go clone your caws over a wrestler you hate, or one of his 1 of 4 alternate costume slots, no one needs half the shitty referee looks for wrestlers they could not be fucked making a decent alternate attire to.

:If your game says "no control pak found" just go to your pj64 options>configure controller plugin and that drop down box that says none, change it to "memory pak":


If you are not getting the game to load the hi res textures, then go to your desktop and right click>properties>settings> and make sure your color qualities are set to 32bit or higher.

If it still does not work, look up a troubleshooting guide somewhere else, I don't know what the problem is unless your computer just can not handle the damn thing.

Only the caws/wrestler mods themselves need the data pak or formulas. Arenas and portraits, backgrounds, menus etc... they simply just need to be dropped in the hires folder and they will appear next time you boot up the game.
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Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 12:14 am    Post subject:  

How to make your own mods

First go to smackdown mall and make a wrestler, it doesnt really matter what it looks like, as you are going to be replacing those textures, so make a shitty looking drag queen for all it matters.

Save it, and exit "edit wrestler"

now, we are going to dump those textures from the game to the hard drive so we can edit them in photoshop.
using the project 64 options, click
- options. then
- configure graphics plugin
- Texture Filters
- tick/check the "dump textures"
- Ok it

You may see a heap of writing flicker through the screen, it just means it's working. When it has stopped, exit no mercy (close it, shut it down)

textures are now dumped

Go to your plugins folder, and into the "dumped_textures" folder. You will see a folder now called "wwf no mercy" PNG., ignore the other folders, you just want the PNG one.

Open that and find all the parts and pieces to the caw you are going to replace the textures of.

Copy and paste all of those particular pieces into the Hires_texture folder.. you may want to make a new folder inside that and call it the wrestlers name. Paste all the copied files into there.

You should have
- Face
- Head (back of the head)
- Upper body
- lower body
- upper back
- lower back
- upper arm
- lower arm
- hand
- Trunk/Mid Section
- Upper Leg
- Lower Leg
- Foot

(they will not say this, they will be WWFNOMERCY#)039578#0-93769-57BLAHBLAHBLAHSOMETHING")

that is the basic of the may have 2 upper arms, two lower arms, two mid sections etc.. if your caws original picture used two diffrent PNGS for it.
To do that on purpose, say you want a tattoo on one arm only, give him two arm pads of different colors. You will work this all out eventually.

There can also be additional textures for some hats and caps, or a shirt that hands over the pants, kilts, dresses etc....



Now, open up photoshop. And edit those pictures to what you want them to be. A tip is that you can increase the size of the files to 400% and make hi resolution mods that way. If you do, it's important to make them all 400% bigger before you turn the game on again, or else it will just fuck up and glitch if you try doing it while the game is running.

How your mod looks depends on how good you are at photoshopping. it can be done with other programs i suppose, but 99% of us use photoshop.

Make sure when you save the folder that it is a PNG and the DPI is 76 or above.

To make sure of this, when you are ready to save it in photoshop, hold down ctrl+alt+shift and press E. It will merge all the layers down. Press Ctrl + A (select all) Ctrl+C (copy) ctrl+n (new window) ctrl+v (paste) then simply go to "save as" make sure it's NOT as a copy, untick that it if it, OK it, next one should be "none" NOT INTERLACE, and click save... rename it something else, then copy and paste the original file name over the new one.

Editing ARENAS etc...

to retexture arenas, do the same thing as the wrestlers but turn the dump textures on at the VS screen just before you enter your match. It is also the way to extract the blood face or other textures that do not appear in the smackdown mall


Understanding the Texture Dump

When you turn this on, it will dump any texture that the game has just loaded, so for example, just have turning it on when your caw is on screen then turning it off will not do anything, cause those textures where already loaded.

What I do is select the slot next to the caw i'm about to dump, and then select that costume again, and it will dump it.

Same thing with menu's, arenas etc... turn it on, just before you show your caw on screen.

Then when you paste an image from the dumped texture folder, and put it in the hires folder, edit it, then next time you load the game, it will load those new looking images.

TIP: Dont dump textures that a lot of the wrestlers in the game use.
Basically, dont dump default colored images.
For example, if you dump a normal upper body wearing nothing at all, it's just a naked wrestler with trunks on, chances are you will be replacing a texture other wrestlers in the game use.

Always put armpads and masks and shit like that on your caw. That way you wont fuck up any other wrestlers textures.

If your caw loads a texture somewhere thats not the one from the game, obviously it's from another mod, so change the color of it or use something else.

This happens a lot with hands when you download a heap of mods, your Rock mod all of a sudden has yellow gloves and you have to go and change his formula, dump it again, and replace it with the textures that where supposed to load there again.

Don't go dumping a heap of wrestlers at once, just do one at a time, or else you will never figure out whose dumped texture is whose.



You can download pre-done templates to help you with your mod. They are pre-done images you are allowed to use to help make your mods. I highly recommend you find one, as drawing free hand always looks shit when starting out.

go to the no mercy zone to find a few of these templates. I recommend "snypers" found HERE
you may need to sign up tot he board to see it.
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Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 11:49 pm    Post subject:  

Q: Are mods the same as hacks?
A: No! Hacks are created with a game shark, mods are texture replacements done via emulation on the PC. Mod's replace the texture and then when you load the game they will look the way you have created them now. Mods can not be done on a regular N64 with a gameshark.

Q: I still can not get NM to load hires textures.
A: make sure you also have your PC's color settings set to 32bit or higher. If that does not help, go to one of the links and look around in there help guides. Plus make sure it is Project 64 1.6 and rice 6.1.1.

Q: I tried to download one of you mods but the file is corrupted.
A: Use googles down-loader. Or just ask me to re-up it via something else.

Q: Can you send me the WWF NM Rom (game for PC)
A: NO!
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Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:53 am    Post subject: help  

I did everything you said.
Download this special n64 this with everything other than the folders.
Which i have put in.
I have had a mod which i have been trying to get working now do some time. So i decided to try that
But i don't know what to do.
The mod is indy forever.
If you can tell me where to put the mod and make the textures work i will be happy.
Yes i have clicked the box saying load hi res textures.
After i am done with that i will definitely gonna use the superhero mod. But i dont know how to put them on also.
Please can you help
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Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:19 pm    Post subject: Re: help  

I've never used that save, but it should have come with instructions.
There should be a folder with all the mods in it that need to go in the Hi-Res_Textures folder.

That mod is a complete save that changes the entire game, and you need to replace each file accordingly to where it goes, so it's a bit more then just sticking them into the hires folder and loading them up, as it is going to replace everything in the game.

I'd suggest trying to get one single mod of one wrestler to work, to make sure it's working before replacing the game with a complete save.

once ya done that... for the save to work...Most importanty there should be a flash file that needs to go into the save folder. You will need to have run no mercy first so it creates the file in the save folder, then turn it off and replace it with the new one.

The way I learn t how to get NoMercy setup to show mods was through

Just join that forum, there should be no hassles or wait, and once your signed up you will see the members only topics, and there is a guide on how to setup no mercy called " The Ultimate Guide On How To Start Playing No Mercy" in the General No Mercy section. Or once you sign up, click this (but if your not signed in it won't direct you to the link)

Don't worry about the PC maintenance part, and the only thing he has left off of that list is on your PC, right click on the desktop and go to options, then the "settings" tab and make sure your colors are set to 32-bit or higher. Or the mods will not appear at all.

If it still has not loaded anything, try this it's a FAQ for all questions and help about getting it all setup.
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Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:30 pm    Post subject:  

yo, i downloaded your spiderman mod and i didnt come with a text file or formula as you said :(
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Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:24 pm    Post subject:  

AHA! you seem to have forgotten one very simple thing!!!!! that will ruin many people's hopes of modding :twisted:

i have just found that you forgot to mention that in the hires_texture folder, you must create a folder called "WWF No Mercy" THEN, insert your images! XD :!:
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Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:05 am    Post subject:  

if you read the first post, I do tell you to create that folder.
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Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:46 am    Post subject:  

When im create face and other attire i save it to hires_texture folder and open the game - where can i find my created face?
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