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TIP: Uploading Videos To Youtube an even easier way
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Posted: Mon May 21, 2007 12:27 am    Post subject: TIP: Uploading Videos To Youtube an even easier way  

This is a little help giude to help those of you who want to upload something to youtube, but cant be fucked converting files and saving things this way and that or have something on a CD/DVD and don't know how to record them and make them into a file without the bullshit of having to wait for it to upload forever.

First off, download Broadcaster Studio from this site. (100% free)

Get familiarized with the program. what it does is allows you to change your web cam from showing what your web cam sees to simply viewing what you see on your desktop and be able to switch it back and forth whenever you want.

Once you've had a fiddle. Go to Youtube and into the place you upload your videos. (duh, make an account, it's free, too)

fill in the first page of info and crap and when it's done, press the button below that says "Use Quick Capture".

In step 2, you will see a drop down menu where you can choose your cam device. (pictured) select "Studio Pro"

Select the area of the video you wanna record with the device to it's showing the way you want on the youtube area. Then just play the video, record it... hit stop recording when youre done, and hit save. Simple as that.

Saves time and hassle of having to convert or pre-record shit all the time then wait ages for it to upload.

the device is also useful if you would like to broadcast a video instead of your normal webcam.

Trouble shoot: Make sure your sound is set to "stereo mix" and not your microphone, unless you have your speakers turn on and record it through your mic which sounds like shit.

To do that, there is either an icon on your desktop near the clock that could be a grey icon or a yellow icon of a speaker. Usualy you know where your volume control is. If you don't, go to "my computer" > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > the box it brings up should contain a bunch of tabs, you should already be in Volume and you should see an "Advance" button that will bring up the volume control.

Once in the volume control, go to options, properties, recording, and select stereo. (make sure stereo is checked in the whitebox as shown)

to go back to using your mic, follow the same steps and instead of clicking stereo, click on microphone (in recordings, not in normal properties)
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